Stigmatized real estate a sticky wicket for realtors

Stigmatized properties pose an interesting dilemma for real estate agents who take on the listings. When most people hear the word stigmatized, they may think that there was a natural death, home invasion or murder at the home or business. But poltergeist activity and ghosts do manifest from time to […]


P.E.I.’s Yeo House home to a haunted toy dog

The origins of a toy named Wheelie have dogged historians at Prince Edward Island’s Yeo House since its discovery in the Gothic Revival home’s walls. And right from the beginning of the province’s possession of the home, there have been stories shared about bizarre goings-on within the property’s provenance. Matthew […]

Cryptozoology, Ghosts, Parapsychology

North America has a lot to learn from diverse paranormal perspectives

North America is rich in diversity, and has plenty of different perspectives when it comes to the inexplicable. From First Nations to the introduction and emancipation of slaves, to the many waves of immigration, there are mythologies imported and shared across all ethnicities on the continent. Even though there is […]