Hauntings. Demon infestations. Historical repeaters. Poltergeist activity. Doppelgangers. This is corner one of our trinity.

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Sea serpents. Giant squids. Hominids. Big cats. Out-of-place critters. Hybrids. These are the myths that form the foundation of Canadian folklore.

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Flying saucers. Close encounters. Strange lights. Crop circles. Everything you've wondered about Canada has too.

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Welcome to the Superstitious Times

We're an online publication dedicated to covering the news about the paranormal across Canada.

Much like John Robert Colombo, we'll be covering the stories that have helped the Canadian identity. We'll be dusting off the archives of what happened at certain iconic haunts, and we'll be sharing them with a critical, yet understanding view. We're here to Explore the Lore.

We're a team of award-winning journalists -- to be fair from other coverage, but our interest in the social anthropological aspects of why people believe in an afterlife, extraterrestrial, tears in the fabric of space-time is what keeps going. We hope you enjoy our trip into the paranormal, the Fortean, the unknown.


Next Steps...

If you have a Canadian tale of the supernatural and would like to share your story, contact us at thesuperstitioustime [at] gmail [dot] com.