Etchings: What happens in Vegas …

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS … TAKES A LITTLE LONGER Call it a time warp, or perhaps a money pit, but one paranormal investigator in Nevada alleges to have found a space-time abnormality. Joshua Warren, a History Channel personality, said in a statement that he detected the time warp in a […]


ETCHINGS: The Wolfman Taketh Social Media

Much to the bemusement of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks staff members, social media lit up with full moon fever when a large wolf-like animal was shot and killed May 16. The quarry was bagged by a rancher near Denton, Mont, and it still has officials wondering just what it […]


ETCHINGS: Bigfoot finds Nirvana

Sightings from around the globe condensed in a week’s brief observations Making waves New Zealand is known for its picturesque landscapes but it can also dish up some tempestuous seas. A 24-meter wave crashed down during a squall, May 8, and the event was recorded by buoy some 700 kilometers […]