Toronto producer seeks ghost stories from the night shift

Things that go bump in the night have become Toronto-based associate producer Tobin Long’s bailiwick.

Bristow Global Media, the producers behind “Haunted Hospitals” and “Paranormal 911”, is putting together its third paranormal series that focuses on how our senses are more in tune when the sun goes down.

“Paranormal Night Shift” will cover the ghost stories that arise from outside the more common fare seen by hospital staff and first responders. 

“In certain jobs, that seems to open people up to these paranormal experiences,” he said, in a September phone call. “So, that’s what we’re looking at. Who are these people? What kinds of jobs do they have?

“It’s common for a security guard to say they have had an experience, depending on where they are, but what about those urban legends like truck drivers?”

Since the show is in its initial planning phase, with interviews and casting for re-enactments running into December, the expected time to air will be in the late Summer, early Fall of 2020 for T + E channel.

And Long said they are keen on finding those unique stories that truly are uncanny. 

“It’s interesting when you survey certain jobs and discover there are some common threads,” Long said. “It’s pretty easy to find a haunted restaurant or bar. Then after that, it gets a little more difficult.

“We’re looking for those things that are a little more difficult to find because those stories have a lot of meat behind them. They have history.”

One example he provided was that of an employee who worked at a spa that was recently built.

“She experienced some paranormal events, but she just brushed them off as being the other staff. She found out that they were experiencing events too,” he recalled.

Outside of truck drivers, aestheticians and wait staff, Long encourages those who work in remediation, construction, as well as harbour masters, park rangers and superintendents to reach out.

Anyone interested in reaching out to Tobin Long with their experiences can reach out to Long through Bristow.

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